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Acne Face Cleanser is a handmade product, formulated by pharmacist Eriona, with 100% natural ingredients. The cleanser gently removes impurities, make up and excess skin oils from your face. It cleanses and disinfects, without aggressive properties leaving a smooth skin and ready for the ongoing skincare routine. Its use is a must for any application of cream or other product on the face. Perfect and safe for removing any kind of dirt or removing cosmetic products from the face and eyes. Prepares the skin for the next steps of acne removal and leaves it soft.


  • Wash your face with lukewarm water, then apply the cleanser (we recommend Acne Face Cleanser).
  • Dry your face and in a cotton tampon spray some of the tonicĀ  (we recommend Acne Face Tonic), then clean the face with it. It is not necessary to rinse the face after applying Acne Face Tonic.
  • Lastly, apply the Acne Face Cream by massaging it lightly on the face.
  • Use the cleanser 2-3 times a day.

Caution: Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reaction but if you have any allergy or show any sign of allergy from above ingredients, please STOP using this product!

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Purified Water, Geranium Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lauryl Glucoside (sugar derivative), Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Frankincense Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Juniper Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Oregano Essential Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate (coconut derivative), Tilia Vulgaris Water, Decyl Glucoside (sugar derivative), Lippia Citriodora Leaf Water, Sage Essential Water, Leuconostoc/Radish Ferment Filtrate, Vitamin L (love).




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