“Beauty is given to us since the first moment of birth
What lays with us needs to just be delicately discovered
It does not require as much as just a day by day increasing love and dedication
Above all, always selecting only what nature offers us.”

Eriona Xhaferaj – Founder of Secrets of Nature

“Secrets of Nature” is now the brand that marks the perfect combination of Beauty with the harmony, freshness, delicacy and peaceful breath of Nature.

Founded in 2014, this brand is known inside and outside the borders of Albania thanks to the work, passion, dedication and expertise of pharmacist Eriona!

Eriona, after the second scientific specialization in the field of pharmacy and excellent protection of the topic ‘Xenoestrogens in Cosmetics’ – decided to challenge herself with her profession, returning to the roots of Nature – this enduring Prosperity that remains the safest Source for health and Skin care! BUT it does not end there! The heartfelt initiative while founding Secrets of Nature made Eriona so much involved that her journey into the world of knowledge became irreversible; tracing different directions and areas, from lab formulations, aesthetic treatments, aromatherapy, perfumery and finally, deepening into the endless ocean of holistic and nutritionalism.

All these studies and researches gave the most complete and pure form to this brand, whose symbol is now marked with the Pearl; as an amber indicator of gilded Beauty; embodying the efforts, dedication and hardships that this journey experienced, so far!

The whiteness, smoothness and durability of this stone – a natural treasure, is just like the vision of Eriona, who perceives Beauty as a Love that is offered with care and in complete harmony with Nature and the Human Spirit

The products “Secrets of Nature” are authentic formulations of pharmacist Eriona Xhaferaj. They are prepared with 100% natural ingredients and superior quality! Our products take life and form in an artisanal way, from the love, wisdom and knowledge that has been learned over the years. All formulations stay away from paraben, silicon, sulfate, gluten or synthetic fragrances. Most of them are totally vegan products.

The products are also ISO certified, according to European standards and are not tested on animals.

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